14 February 2015

Ocean Voyage for String Orchestra is now available

Just as there is an element of danger in taking a trip across the ocean, there is the excitement of the voyage and the promise of a new experience visiting a place you have never been before.  The trip itself is an adventure since you will spend several days aboard the ship, and in days that have long since faded from the calendar, these trips took weeks and even months.

Ocean Voyage is my attempt to capture the spirit of the adventure and excitement of such a trip. The piece starts with the sounding of the horn and the ship embarks.  This leads to a beautiful lyrical section and later there is a spritely gigue. When I began this piece, I was thinking about my father and my grandparents and how they left their families and the comfort of familiar surroundings in Italy for a new life in America during the early part of the 20th Century.
The full orchestral version in in progress and should be available a little later this year.




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