24 Februar 2015

New Releases - "I'm Nobody" and "Londonderry Air"

"I'm Nobody" - arranged by Nick Raspa for piano & mezzo soprano voice - This is a setting of the highly popular Emily Dickinson poem which begins with the words "I'm Nobody".  Although the key signature indicates C Major, this is a non-tonal work.  The piano opens the work with an arpeggiated chord announcing the entrance of the singer.  The voice part includes sung, spoken and whispered text with supporting piano accompaniment.

"Londonderry Air" - arranged by Nick Raspa for solo piano - This setting features lush jazz chords in the key of D Major with lots of contrasting movement under the melody in both the bass and treble clefs.  Approximately halfway into the arrangement, the work segues, via open 5ths, to a modal treatment of the melody which then returns to the key of D Major to finish out the arrangement.




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