03 сентября 2016

O Holy Night & Greensleeves reviewed in Clavier

The most recent issue of Clavier magazine has a wonderful review of my jazz arrangements for "O Holy Night" and "Greensleeves".  The review appears on pages 54 and 55 of the September/October 2016 issue.  Both of these arrangements can be found in my catalog under the Christmas Jazz Piano heading (Advanced Level).  
04 июля 2015

Two New Arrangements

  Lately I have been concentrating on music for the Christmas season.   I have a classical and jazz background, however, lately I have been concentrating my efforts in the area of jazz. My most recent arrangement,  “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”   is a completely jazz effort.  I started the arrangement in a bluesy fashion that evolved into a soft, laid back jazz sound with a walking bass accompaniment. I finished out the arrangement with a stride bass.  The styles are ... 
14 мая 2015

Improvising in Music

Improvising in Music Improvising in music has a long history.  For example, in the Baroque, it was standard practice to improvise a repeated section.  The important point to keep in mind when improvising on a written piece of music is to maintain the basic integrity of the written music.  Improvising music is to make the music your own.  That is, to express your thoughts and feelings about the musical subject through your interpretation. Here are four basic ways you can ... 
24 февраля 2015

New Releases - "I'm Nobody" and "Londonderry Air"

"I'm Nobody" - arranged by Nick Raspa for piano & mezzo soprano voice - This is a setting of the highly popular Emily Dickinson poem which begins with the words "I'm Nobody".  Although the key signature indicates C Major, this is a non-tonal work.  The piano opens the work with an arpeggiated chord announcing the entrance of the singer.  The voice part includes sung, spoken and whispered text with supporting piano accompaniment. "Londonderry Air" - arranged by Nick Raspa for solo ... 
29 января 2015

Ocean Voyage

I am currently finalizing a new piece for string orchestra - Ocean Voyage.  It should be ready shortly.